Just bought easyRE but it's not working?

So I was downloading something and my pc needed to restart. Upon restarting I get a message saying winload.efi can not be verified and my pc needs reparing. And a blue background. For windows 10.

I bought easyRE hoping that it will work with one click.... I put it on a USB and tried to boot it from the use a device option when my pc boots but nothing happens.... it just goes through a long list of white writing with a black background, my pc restarts and shows the same winload.efi error again. No menu comes about the program showing this one click etc.

If someone can help me that will be much appreciated


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Are you getting "invalid digital signature" when the boot manager is trying to chain to the winload.efi boot loader ?
If so, that would suggest that you have somehow back-levelled the boot manager from W10 to an older version from Vista, W7, W8 or W8.1.
Are you dual booting W10 with an earlier Windows OS ?
If so, check your BIOS to make sure you're still booting from the correct place to find the W10 boot manager (should be the EFI System partition)


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Sounds like you didn't change your PC to boot in legacy mode before trying to boot into the EasyRE USB. The support team should be able to sort you out.