Just installed????

I just installed your program and Have a win7 hp llenova cpu that see's BOTH the win7 hd and the winxp hd as "c:\" drives.
On boot up I get the menu to chose and I chose win xp ..it brings up the normal do you want to do normal , safe or other
and whatever I chose it start winxp (Logo appears) and go back to menu again? The explorer on win7 shows the xp hd as an "E:/ "
drive but the BCD say's its a 'C:\'????

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The BCD doesn't point to XP.
It points to the files which point to XP.
Those files are on C with all of the boot files.
The fact is I have two physical hard drives installed in the cpu. One had win 7 ..on has winXP. The boot loader says
choose what you want and XP starts with the "normal, safe mode, etc options and starts with the XP logo page and then
revert back to the "choose" page again and again? Looks like I will have to try and find another option??


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Where did XP come from ?
Are you trying to dual-boot a copy which came from another PC by just plugging in its HDD ?
If so that's not going to work until XP has been "repair installed" because XP will be trying to map an entirely different environment to the one on which it was installed. If the XP came pre-installed on another PC, it will have an OEM license and cannot be activated on different hardware.
If XP came from this PC, but you have cloned/moved it to a different place, you may have come across the problems mentioned here
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