Just purchased ISO from Neosmart, can't find out how to load onto USB


Hi all,

I've just purchased the ISO Windows 7 64-bit repair, I have a USB ready but I'm not sure what order to do this in.

I have EasyBCD downloaded and ready and ImgBurn too. My Dell XPS has bricked and is asking for a repair DVD unfortunately I only have access to a netbook (xp) so I can't create a DVD.

I have also set the boot method to be USB on the dell

Any ideas how to get my PC working again :smile: ??


Open EasyBCD > Bootloader setup to install the bootloader on the USB drive. Copy the contents of the ISO to the USB drive. You can extract the ISO with 7-zip.
I've done it in the order you said, I do the bootloader on BCD, the progress bar completes and no confirmation is given.

I unpacked the ISO and dragged the contents onto the USB

WHen I put the USB into the PC i get "Disk Error press any key to restart"

Any ideas?
If you used the "bootable removable drive" feature in EasyBCD, there most certainly should be a confirmation dialog. It may take some time, though.
ah i got the confiration but only when i dragged the iso files over and THEN used BCD

Im still getting the same error message from windows tho?