Just to clarify things up...


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Hello guys, I need to clarify this up:

I have XP installated on my C partition and that is my primary and only OS, containing all programs, drivers etc that I use everyday.
Now, Im planning to install WIN7 for testing purposes on another partition that I prepared just for that.
I have read all the instructions how to do that and got it all. Win7 will detect my previous XP, add it to its own new bootloader and I can easily select to which OS to boot.

Now, lets say that I dont want to use win7 anymore..
I will just use your utility to remove WIN7 bootloader and after resetting my PC it will all get like it was before: booting straight into XP, right? That is what I want to know.

Thank you very much for your help.
nitro, Croatia
Hi Nitro, welcome to NST.
Yes. When you've finished your testing of W7, you can use "Uninstall Vista bootloader" and it will put the XP bootloader back in charge. When XP is booting successfully alone, you can format the W7 partition. (if you only have the one HDD)
If you are going to Install W7 on a separate HDD, just disconnect XP first, install W7, download EasyBCD 2.0 latest build to W7, reconnect XP, add an XP entry to the BCD letting Easy2 auto-configure, and you'll have a dual boot which leaves XP completely untouched.
When you want to get rid of W7, just disconnect the new HDD and the old XP will carry on as before without the need to do anything.