Keeping the security key after formatting the system drive


Ive got a partition on the first disk which the bios sees and in the computer management under administrative tools it says "system, active, primary" partition. I have another disk with a partition which is called "boot, active, primary partition".

Previously I have formatted the first partition but after I got into windows 7 I had no permission to write to any hard drives. I think its because there is a security key in the bootloader or similar found on the first disk my hard drive sees.

So I have reinstalled windows 7 but as I have a dodgy hard drive its corrupted the primary partition and the only information it has on it is the boot loader (10Gb partition). I would have loaded windows xp on this for some programs like for my mobile phone which don't work in windows 7.

If I use BCD to save the config, format the partition and then restore the config will it work this time? Last time I didnt backup the bootloader and used easyBCD to create a new one.