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HI there,

I installed easyBCD V1.7.2 on my vista laptop (HP) also containing a virtual hd with Windws 7 installed. I read the FAQs and the documentation and so I have a good overview, but I am still somewhat confused about this tool.
My goal is to install one or two linux extra partitions and then to use easyBCD to manage all systems.

I have 3 questions: first my HP DV laptop came without any vista installation DVD, that seems to be HPs policy :grinning: So I am asking myself how easyBCD would help me in case I could not boot any system anymore ? I assume there is no easyBCD linux version, so how would I then startup or boot again to get to easyBCD ?

Once easyBCD installed on vista, do I have to hit the "(re-)install vista bootloader" option to "initialize" easyBCD ??

I do not understand the added value of "neogrub". Is neogrub integral part of easyBCD or not ?

Don't use 1.7.
It does not support W7 or any Linux release newer than Ubuntu 8.04
It has no ability to assist you in the extra tasks needed to get XP dual-booting with W7
Download EasyBCD 2 latest build
EasyBCD is just a utility for managing the contents of the Vista/W7 BCD.
You don't do anything to "initialize" it. Just install it
It will sit there in your application program library and do absolutely nothing.
Having it on your system is like having Notepad on your system.
It plays no part in the booting or the running of the system.
It's just a tool you can use if you want to make changes to the contents of the BCD
Please read the sticky thread and follow the links for more background information.
point 7 for neogrub