Keyboard periodically changes character set


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This has been happening for a while now and I kept forgetting to ask if anyone has a clue about it. It happens with both my Bluetooth keyboard and wired so it would seem to be a Vista quirk.
Every now and again the symbols will decide to change - for instance the @ becomes " and ? becomes Ė to name but two.
After a reboot all returns to normal, sometimes I don't even need to reboot and it will just suddenly change back to normal.
Any idea anyone?
My Language is set correctly...see attached. I'm using English (Canada) - US Keyboard but it's almost like the Canada (French) or the US International keyboard (which isn't showing as an option) is creeping in by itself.
I have nothing set for Advanced Keyboard Settings so no wrong keystrokes should alter anything.


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What about "Change Key Sequence?"

Contrary to its name, it actually has more options than you see in that screen right there...

(btw, damn that font is small!)
Font? I had to keep changing it because of the stupid Character Map.

As usual you spot the obvious which completely escapes my eyes...!

I have adjusted that item as you this correct now? See thumbnail:


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lol, I was just referring to the font in your first post, not in the images ;D

Did you try deleting all but CAD Eng then reinstalling them once more?
So was I (referring to the text). No I didn't try that but will if it happens again. I guess that removing the possibility of incorrect key strokes under "Change Key Sequence" will stop it happening again.
Also i have heard of Vista having some issues with Bluetooth products. I personally have not tried it yet but many people i know have had issues with their keyboards, mics that are bluetooth.

Have you checked for driver updates? Maybe that could help. Other than that removing the shortcut should help the problem.

Sorry for chiming in so late here. Been a bit busy. :tongueout:
My drivers are the latest. The problem has been sorted by using CG's recommendation. I made sure that there was no choice shown for "Change Key Sequence?".