Keyboard Remaping Flip3D?


This is a little off topic, but is there any way to reconfigure or remap Flip3D to use the alt+tab keyset instead of logo+tab? The regular "windows flip" can actually be harder to see what you're switching to than the old '95 style flip if you have a high resolution (those thumbnails get so cramped you can't tell applications apart and the icons are smaller than ever.)

Flip3D would work well for me (probably) but I'm using a Deck 82-key keyboard with the logo key in the top right corner of the board, so trying to use it is very disorienting :smile: I imagine the issue would be useful for most laptops users too.
No such thing as an off-topic post :smile:

I'm not sure if it can be done actualy, though I'll forward this message to an expert Windows hacker I know.

Only thing that comes to mind is trying to modify the settings for the Flip3D icon in the quick-launch and giving it a keyboard shortuct?
I have not had a problem with this on my laptop. But that also doesnt run Aero so useing the flip3d isnt possible. :tongueout:

But i think a registry hack would be needed for something like this. Guru has a good idea but at the same time who wants to use a quick launch shortcut in times like that?

I personally dont think it would work. We will have to wait and see what Guru's hacker friend can come up with.