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I realize that this is a bit out of place but the other day i was having some fun searching for super cars and i came across this and I'm not sure if its real (looks fake) and sadly i wasn't able to figure out its name

what do you guys think kind of looks like the Porsche Cayenne with the front curve other than that i think its awesome
The first picture there depicts a 4x4 version of some sports car even if the manufacturer is unknown. A close look at the decal seen on the hood should reveal who makes or is contemplating making that design. It may simply be an artist's concept of what one would look like if actually put into manufacture at some time.
yeah i know that it has the lamborghini logo on the hood i was wondering if anyone knew if it was actually real or what its name was
The one on the top earlier looks more like an artist's concept of a Lamborghini suv while the actual models made look more like a typical Toyota Land Rover/Land Cruiser or Isusu Trooper.