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im looking for a good LAMP distro. Im thinking Ubuntu server edition, but will that set up everything for me?

I am turning my Desktop into a server for myself and id like for it to be Linux ^__^ I should have no problem with installing over windows correct? It is my old vista that doesn't run the best, and i have already cleaned out all the files i want to keep. Deleting my windows partition would destroy Easy BCD so there shouldn't be a problem with the boot loader correct?

Would the interface still be gnome? im not every good with terminal, i grew up with GUI after all.

The server wouldn't be doing much, downloading stuff, running my ventrilo server, hosting files for myself, maybe a game server or two.

I am going with i386 architecture

i know ill have to be getting a domain name from DynDNS: DNS Hosting, Email Delivery and Other Services

What all need from DynDNS? i have an account, thats about it.. help me?

and then what about a static IP? i get the same IP for my laptop from the network most of the time (its My IP is Comcast, and i have Cable.

A mail server would be nice to have as well. would that be setup on it's own with ubuntu server?

would it be possible to remotely connect to a linux server from my Windows laptop? like remote connection works for windows machines?
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^ yeah i know that, im downloading it now


so what about static IP's and domain stuff?

also it would seem i can use TightVNC for remote desktop. I just want remote desktop for changing something like a game setting or something for a hosted server.


Could i download and install normal ubuntu (home edition) and then install the packages for a server? like LAMP

the install says i use "tasksel" to select the packages, i could do this in the now ubuntu right?

i would like to have a GUI, im no good with command line...
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You can use the add/remove software GUI to add the packages you need, but it's better to download the server edition which comes with them pre-installed and pre-configured for you.

You don't have a static IP address - that's a static local LAN IP and is of no use over the internet. You'll need to use dyndns to get a real address.
Can i add anything of a GUI to the server edition?

i mostly want it for a game server.

Okay on DynDNS i have a host name, now what? (i havent installed server edition yet, its burning now) but i can change the IP later


Okay so im installing server edition now

The only thing i am worried about is how to run a game server through command line, it should run normal right?



so server edition of ubuntu is installed, now what?

i know how to check my ip, with ifconfig, but that isnt my actual IP on that machine.

im so lost... :frowning:

i ran instalation normal, installing on the entire drive with LVM encrypted, and i installed all the packages except print server.


I found i can download the ubuntu-desktop ^__^

i will learn terminal too, but i need gui for some things... im stupid...


for some unknown reason

My ISP is giving my laptop and my server the same IP (i am using to check them) and that IP is the one that goes to my router :frowning:

i dont know why it is doing that

i didnt do anything outside of instalation beside install kde and ubuntu-desktop :frowning: maybe if i download the updates for all the server stuff (thats the only thing that needed updating)
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Your router uses Network Address Translation, which takes all of the hosts on your network and gives them private internal address unreachable from the internet and instead only allows for one external IP address to be shared between all of the devices on your network. The website you are using to test the addresses can only see this public address.

Some routers provide settings to host your own web server, so you need to check into that.
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Its not going to work

Not only are all my IP address (all machines) are all the same, but Comcast, my ISP does not offer static IP's any longer to the public for purchase :frowning:

if i let the ip for dyndns connect to localhost the page generated fine, but the moments its back to my IP it can access my router settings :frowning:


So i have looked around

and i can disable DHCP on my router and assign static IP's that way but will that still work?
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Take a look at the long PM I sent you on port forwarding if that helps explain things...
^ thankies ^__^


I am horrible lost with this port forwarding thing

and i had to find a different site other than portforwarding to help me config linux (which wasnt hard and i wont forget how to now)

so i have my router forwarding ports 6543 to 6544 for IP

Inside the network interface config, i have added the static port like this page showes: CodeSnippets: How to set a static IP in Ubuntu from the shell [ubuntu] [linux] [networking]

i have reset the networking in linux and still not working :frowning:
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No no....

Your actual ubuntu box should be dynamic so that you don't haft to do all of that terminal stuff. Let the IP reservation on your router do all of the work for you.
the terminal stuff was easy

sudo gedit /etc/network/interfaces
not hard

but how do i set up my router? ive followed port forwards guide for opening the ports:

lost and confused!


Im questioning linux right now

i cant get ventrilo server working, i cant get no-ip's dns client to run, agh! :frowning:

i could download windows server edition 08 for free through the Alliance.... idk what to do....

---------------------------------- AGH!!


The router is set to forward IP

My Linux server is set to have the static IP:

The Apache is running great!, i can see the site on my LAN. But no one can access it from outside.

What am i doing wrong?

As well, when i use my extenal IP from NAT, it accesses my Router! and other people (sarge) can get to it! WTF?!?!?!?


Break Through of sorts!

My vent server on linux is working! i can connect to it and i have a ping of 2 ^__^ i need to find some one with a vent too lol.... although it might just be because of my LAN... :frowning:

the vent isnt work out side of lan

im giving up for right now....



i forgot i turned off the port forwarding! OMV! right?

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for unknown reasons my server is no longer working.

I got a notice today starting up about home/dmrc and needing to be 644. i check and i dont have that dir.

also if i make home anything but 777 i can not access it

please help someone?


Apache seems to be running, but PHP doesnt. If i go to localhost, i can get my webpage, but the moment i go to my phpBB forum it dies.


if i uninstall LAMP will it kill my phpBB forum?
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What do you mean by "kill?"

If you mean, will phpBB stop working - of course, it needs PHP to run.
^ no i meant delete

so if i uncheck lamp within synaptic it should uninstall and i can try a reinstall then

ill try that
^ okaydokay

i backed it up anyways

and i knwo when i reinstall the LAMP that i need to make the MySQL password the same for my board to work right agian

in the process of uninstalling, will install everything again after reboot


now how to fix the home/dmrc issue, there is not directory it is asking for to be set at 644

and how do i set my home dir to allow owner to do everything and dont let anyone else do anything?

the ive tried a couple different ones, 644 on /home doesnt work, 700 doesnt work, i can access /home with that one, the only one i have tried that i can still access /home is 777 so idk what to do with that...
Dude, you're totally missing out on CHMOD-Win!

Download CHMOD-Win 3.0 - NeoSmart Technologies

^ dude that totally doesnt help! (but is still very awesome ^__^ )


I messed up my linux :frowning:

im just going to completely reinstall LAMP and linux from disk, shouldnt take anytime at all lol ^__^
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I thought you wanted to know what options gave the owner the ability to modify and the user the ability to do the other stuff?
^ yes well i do. but it doesnt matter now, im reinstalling linux now

anyways, that link for chmod-win is brokdead.
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