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I have a laptop with a sd slot. However, whenever i insert a memory card it says it has to be formatted. The laptop came with something called toshiba sd utilties. i uninstalled this and reinstalled it worked once.
i also tried uninstalling and working without the utility it wouldnt work
any ideas?
i have looked thru their forums and couldnt find anything.
Im thinking it could be a driver problem for the sd slot. However, i cant seem to find any drivers other than the sd utilities
Well i looked thru the Toshiba site but only the North American part since that is where i am. They dont have any info on that laptop here. So i wont be of much help.

It does sound like a software issue. Not sure if it is software or hardware related but it is a curious problem indeed.
i dont know if this will help at all but when i put in a normal sd memory it works fine.
But when i use a memory stick duo with convertor it doesnt work.
Could there be something wrong with the converter even though it works on another xp laptop?
i dont think so. Ive tried it with more than one. ive tried it on a Dell and on a Medion Desktop and on a custom built desktop. However, none of them had Vista.
i think i might just buy a external card reader that should work.
So you think it might be something to do with Vista? Honestly i dont know. I have not come across this issue. But i also have not hooked up any SD cards that were not a part of my Camera to my PC. :wink:
What's the name of the entry in the Device Manager?
And the driver version in the details for that device?
SDA Standard Compliant SD Host Controller
Under File Version in the driver details: (longhorn_rc1.071107-1618)

On another note i got a card reader but either the card reader isnt working, or the converter is messed up, or i cant fit the card in right. :frowning:
well i think i know what the problem is. i tried the memory card with convertor on another vista laptop and it didnt work. i guess the converter is either messed up or has issues with vista. the easiest work around is to get a card reader that reads off the memory card directly without an adaptor (turns out the card reader i got doesnt do that) so ill try that out :smile:
no i have the converter from micro sd to pro duo. but my laptop needs a converter from pro duo to fit. thats what seems to be giving me trouble. ive used a pro duo card reader before. the one i bought turned out not the right one though.
ok i think i didnt explain it right here's this diagram hopefully thats thew best solution


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thanks. At least i think its broken since it only works with XP. Could it be physically damaged and only XP has the "power" to make it work?
I think it is more along the lines that Vista doesn't recognize the converter correctly. If you can get that converter working on all XP machines you try it on but none of the Vista machines that would be the case.
The converter isn't "recognized" by the OS, it's a hardware I/O converter and is not seen by the PC at all.

It acts like a bridge, connecting different wires/pins from the first card to different locations on the PC's card reader.

(yes, nice picture!)