Laptop won't boot up


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My nephew handed me a sack of spanners. It's an Acer and at startup, I go straight to the 'Windows failed to start' screen. I'm given the options to 'Launch Startup repair' or 'Start Windows normally' options. The 'Start Windows normally' option returns me (after a while) to the same screen. The 'Launch Startup repair' option gives me the opportunity to change my keyboard layout to U.S. (I'm UK). Then I get the chance to load drivers. No operating systems show up, by the way. I can then pick and choose where to load the drivers from, but I haven't a clue where they are. There are no back-up discs and I can pretty much guarantee the thing needs wiping and setting back to factory settings anyway. I've had to do this with my kids' PCs and laptops, but I've always had backup discs. Any ideas how I can fix this one?


Hi Nick,

Please hit next anyway when no OSes are listed. Sometimes this well cause the OS to be listed for repair. If not, follow the instructions here to manually fix it.
Factory reset on an Acer is accessed though Alt+F10 at power up I think, though you might need to enable an option in the BIOS first (D2D recovery iirc)