Laptop : xp on win7 dualboot?


My uncle bought an Acer Laptop from Bangkok without OS but locally loaded Win7 with 2 partitions c drive & d drive. Now he wanted xp for some work. So i installed xp on d drive to make it dual boot but it didnt work as only xp was booting. After searching on the net i found easybcd to solve this problem. So i installed easybcd 2.0.2 but after doing add entry to win7 it is still booting with xp only without any OS selection option. Plz help me how to do dual booting win7 & xp. One more thing, now c drive is named reserved drive & d drive is windows while e drive is local disk.

Awaiting for reply at the earliest. Thanks in advance.
Thanks for the quick reply:smile:
I followed as u said.

Now i see 3 OS options.
Windows 7
Microsoft Windows XP
Microsoft Windows 7.
1st one windows 7 was not booting but xp was booting. So i went to BIOS and changed hdd setting Sata mode from IDE to AHCI. Now win7 started booting but xp is crashing while opening.

And last one is giving message "insert win installation and repair etc.

How is it possible to boot both OS? plz help.
Why their is 3 options instead of 2?