Latest Nvidia Drivers (196.75) Withdrawn


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Any of you who are like me, keen to install new drivers the second they are released, should know that Nvidia have withdrawn their latest 196.75 WHQL drivers as they have been found to cause overheating through poor fan control.

Revert to your previous set if you have these installed already.

System Restore will do that for you in most cases.
Thanks, Peter.

When I bought my ATi, I really wished I had an nVidia because they had better drivers at the time (2 years ago, now). Funny how things change!
LOL...I switched to nVidia from ATI for the same reason...ah well, dem's da breaks.

ATI were best when they were made just up the road to me here in Canada but they've gone downhill since then IMHO. I left them when they steadfastly refused to produce Win 7 drivers for my ATI TV Wonder card (32-bit, let alone 64-bit).

At least nVidia have good support and forums, which is more than I can say for AMD/ATI.

Now I'm nVidia for graphics and Hauppauge for TV.
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