Latest Nvidia Graphics Drivers Causing Much Discussion


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Nvidia have released 175.16 drivers for GeForce Graphics cards. Although for my card (7600GS) it still shows the old drivers using option 1 HERE, using option 2 brings them up.

Unfortunately I found many issues in common with several other posters on their FORUMS.
The drivers wont even install on Vista. If I try manually via Device Manager I get the "drivers are up to date" type reaction and if I try the normal way I get:

In XP they installed OK but the screen looked all washed out as if they weren't working.

So back to square one.

I'm posting this just in the hope that one of you have a Geforce Graphics card and might want to try and see if you have better luck.

I can confirm that i have seen this as well. Mainly with the 9 series cards and Vista.

My 8600GT works perfectly in XP with the new drivers...
It's not just nVidia.

ATi drivers for Vista after version 8.2 (namely 8.3 and 8.4) are giving many users hell... BSODs and constant WDDM crashes....

When it's both ATi and nVidia having the problems and only on Vista perhaps the blame lies in the OS :wink:
Well even in XP there were issues, but at least they installed. I'm going to wait and see if anyone makes an announcement about them.

That was one of the main reasons I switched to Nvidia from ATI - things worked better.......ah well, one lives and one learns, as they say.
But the 9 series drivers are bad in XP. This person i just helped yesterday is having a issue with his HDMI on his brand new 9800GTS or something like that...

It doesnt work right. If he doesnt install the drivers it works fine. But with them it is broken. So it isnt just Vista. :wink:
Well the person i am referring to uses PCIe. So it jsut seems that this set of drivers are buggered.

Without a doubt the Vista drivers have been buggered the whole time. I just dont think Vista is fully to blame.