Launching Chameleon from Windows 7 BCD


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I have to boot from a Win7 drive using the standard Vista/Win7/2008 bcd loader.

Disk Setup:
Win7 disk - NTFS (MBR) - 100 GB SSD
SL 10.6.1 - OSX Journaled (GPT) - 120 GB SSD

Both systems work flawlessly as long as they are independently booted - change disk boot order. Currently I use Chameleon to boot - all boot files are on the disk containing 10.6.2.
Win7 boots from Chameleon but doesn't pass "Genuine Windows" test since it's HD is not the first one in BIOS boot sequence.

I used EasyBCD to create Mac OS X entry in BCD. EasyBCD installed nst_mac.iso file which contains "Extras" directory with files that don't match my configuration and constantly reboots the system.

How can I use "Extras" from my SL disk or modify one supplied in nst_mac.iso?

Thanks in advance