Legacy Support Not Available

I've just updated my HP laptop BIOS vF.13. I want to boot from USB flash drive and I tried to disable to Secure Boot but the Legacy Support is not available.

Also, during the installation I've the below warning for multi-booting features which my not be available.

multi booting not supported.png

Any other options or approach to be able to boot using USB flash drive?

Please advise.
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That EasyBCD warning is a generic message on all UEFI PCs, warning that many of the routine things available on a BIOS/MBR PC (like dual-booting XP or Linux) are no longer available ( a deliberate knobbling of the .efi version of the MS bootmgr, nothing to do with EasyBCD).
You need to enter the UEFI menu at power-up (by whatever hotkey HP mention on their splash screen often "del") and set USB to appear above your system partition in the boot priority sequence, or else use whatever key HP assigns at power-up to allow a temporary boot override.

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Please Go BIOS by tapping F10 key, Select security Tab, Select secure boot configuration from the list. You will get a window which says "Are you sure you want to continue" Press F10 to confirm. Disable secure boot and enable Legacy boot