Leopard bootloader is not working - help


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Hi Easybcd experts,

I have a running quadboot machine up to the time I dont messed it up. I have xp, 7, leopard and opensolaris. I install it by opensolaris then hiding the 3 partition and then 7, xp and last is leopard. But when I have a problem with the opensolaris, i try to reinstall the os and hide first 7 and xp using gparted but I cant hide mac so when I completely install the os and boot it up with active windows 7 now I cannot boot on the leopard partition and its loading the opensolaris same with the other 1 option. XP and 7 is working properly since I think I hide that partition.

Can somebody help me to get back leopard without reinstalling the os.

Thanks in advance.
Leopard should have a repair function similar to startup repair from the DVD I think. You could try adding an OS X entry using EasyBCD as well. Otherwide you'll need to re-install OS X.
hi guys

I'll give it a try but I think there is no repair there on the boot cd. I already did adding a new entry but it keeps on redirecting me to the opensolaris grub menu.

Is there any other Idea.