Let EasyBCD "find" and "display" all bootable partitions


Currently, we can only manually edit and add entries to EasyBCD.

I wonder whether such an option will be possible to be added
- that would let EasyBCD go thorough all partitions in all HDDs
- and find out which hdd/ partitions have bootable o.s.
- along with the name of the o.s. (xp, w7-8-10, linux whatever) and 32-64-bit
- and display this list to the user
- and let the user just tick a box, (or maybe just move up or move down from a drop down list) to decide which partition sequence to boot from.

This will remove all these cryptic drive letters and volume label and partition names, and disk0, disk1 sort of thingies.

Then EasyBCD will be real graphical interface and any user not knowing anything about disks and partitions would be able to employ EasyBCD for his use.

This isn't something we are currently considering. Regardless of abstractions, the fact remains that editing the boot configuration is a serious undertaking. We haven't seen that drive letters have been a hindrance to our users at all over the last 10 years and understanding the underlying concepts helps greatly.

We do have other apps that follow this approach which are purposely designed for a lower common denominator, such as the now defunct "Vista HnS" which was exactly as you described and EasyRE, our windows boot recovery cd.