License question regarding EasyRE for Win 7/Vista/XP‏

Dear Community

I just purchased all three EasyRE CDs from your website (Win 7/Vista/XP) and I wonder if I may use these discs for both personal and commercial use? For example helping other people with their PC:s using these particular discs, I do not intend to sell/give these discs to others in any way.

Also I did try to email both "" and "" and got a "delivery failure" when trying to do so. Mailservers down?

Thanks in advance!


Mak 2.0

Staff member
These disks are only for personal use. At least from my knowledge. While you may not intend to give/sell them, that doesn't mean it cant or wont happen.

I was able to send an email to and it went thru just fine. I would try emailing them again to get a definitive answer as we are not the help desk for that site. That site is a subsidiary of NeoSmart but we are not in control of it. They have their own support team.


Mostly Harmless
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There's separate commercial licensing available, you can send an email to to discuss that, and I'm sure they'll be happy to help. If you can't get through, PM me.