While I had the issue of having to reinstall XPpro, already had Vista and XPpro installed on 2 separate hard drives, but the re installation mucked the boot. I tried the old school command from Vista first, no go, tried VistabootPro which everyone said it was a guarantee, well, it's decent and free but still failed. I tried the repair from the Vista disk itself, nope.... so I was ready to reinstall Vista when I came across EasyBCD. Yep, ran it from XP, it booted right into Vista without XP option. Ran it from Vista, adjusted settings, now I have both option back :brows: This succeeded where even the command line failed, that says something! Excellent job creating this "NOW FAVORITE" little boot app. :tongueout:oint: Thanks a bunch! :smile:

Heya GimpGuy, welcome to NeoSmart Technologies!

Glad you found EasyBCD useful, it's always good to hear we've saved a life somewhere :wink:

I'm the author of EasyBCD and the original author of VistaBootPRO - however, VistaBootPRO was unethically stolen away from me and is currently "maintained" by PROnetworks - though it no longer works as well as it once did. EasyBCD is the way to go, as you've seen for yourself.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by and sharing those kind words. Feel free to stick around and share good times - why don't you drop by our introduction thread and say hi?

Thanks for the great welcome! Sorry took so long for a reply, haven't been around much, too busy lately. Sorry to hear they ripped you off. I know the feeling. A certain comic industry, not marvel or DC, had taken one of my ideas, tweaked it and ran with it, same heroes, names, etc.. well, some names were modified. Anyway, to this day it irks me. I was young and didn't have the correct copyright protection. Hard lesson learned. However, you have a much better product and I'm confident it will continue to out rank what they have.

Thanks again,

Super power

Oh that was a loonngg time ago of course, "if my brain cells recall" but it was 4 cybernetic types with different things they could do which I named cy-force. The main guy I remember having a red cyber eye, weapons, etc... one big guy with a metal strip on his forehead, long hair, built more like the Hulk. A woman who had some mental powers, and another younger guy, leather coat, his hands would turn into claw like extensions right from his fingers themselves. It all sounds very stupid now, years later , but that was what I wanted to do back then, make comics. :?? Let's just say not too long after, a comic came out very "TOO" similar and I didn't hear anything. As well, this company was known for ripping off the big guys as well, or ...tried.

Nice to meet you too,