Light Weight Open Source Browser


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What is the lightest weighted (on the CPU and RAM) browser that is also Open Source?

i know Firefox is Open, but its not exactly "Light" lol
Mak, Flock isn't light at all - it's as heavy as Firefox 2 and then some thanks to all the extra features it adds.

But KMeleon is definitely light; and though I haven't checked out TheWorld another light broswer is Epiphany. (KMeleon is for KDE, Epiphany is for Gnome).
Last time i tried Flock it was a Beta and very light weight. :frowning:

I do know that KMeleon can be used with Windows. TheWorld was also a beta last time i used it.

Other than that there would be things like SeaMonkey but that would be heavy cause it uses a web based media player. There is also just the plain Mozilla Suite.
It's faster on my under-powered Eee than anything except Opera, which is just a tad quicker.
Yeah to bad they used Webkit for it. A older version at that and already have flaws found on it. :frowning: