LightScribe Driver Problems:Fixed


I bought a HP DVD740i/b months ago but just now tried to use the lightscribe feature. All else is fine.
I tried 3-4 different software packages and none of them saw my drive. HP said my drive was defective and to return it.Nah, too old, lost receipt, lazy, need quick fix, etc.
So.... I did what anyone would do. I bought a new one, this time a BenQ LS DW1655. Installed it, and GRRRRR...Same thing :rage: :rage: No help from HP or BenQ.
After hitting several Forums I found out that many others were having this same problem. I did everything that was suggested and still no LightScribe drives detected. (Now I have 2) :unamused:

The Fix: Finally, after several emails to support at, I finally got the fix. From a very informative person there named Taylor Thurman who in his last email attached an uninstall program for the driver. The program expires in October so I had visions of it self destructing next month. :crazy:
The program is only valid for the current or previous versions of the driver, not the one to be released next month. So, anyone who has this problem, I strongly suggest to contact the support at