Limited access from Vista to files on XP partition


Hi! I hope to reach someone who can help me with the following situation I'm in.

I'm running an XP & Vista dualboot system on my desktop.

Windows XP boots up but never reaches the log-in screen, but instead gives an error saying: Application failed to initialize properly: lsass.exe
I've tried a couple of things to fix it but I have no XP cd lying around anymore so I don't know how to repair it.

But Vista still works fine so I'd greatly appreciate it if someone could tell me how to copy my personal files from the XP partition to my Vista partition. I can only see all the stuff in the XP Program Files folder but nothing on Desktop or My Documents for example.

Both partitions share the same harddisk.

Please let me know if/how this is possible, thanks for your time!
I feel so dumb right now. Your post made me make sure if hidden files were visible or not for the whole partition and they were checked hidden. It should have been the first thing I did! They're all visible now, so glad!

Thanks for your time and help :grinning:

Your files should be located on X:\Documents and Settings\YOUR USER NAME\*

Where X:\ is the XP partition, YOUR USER NAME is the logon name for Windows XP, and * is the data you want.... It'll be in the "My Documents," "My Pictures," "Desktop," etc. folders there.


You're most welcome :smile:

(ignore the out-of-order posts in this thread, I updated the time on the server in-between and things got a little mixed up!)
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