Linux Boot Not Working...


I had an XP and a Susu 10.1 installation dual boot with grub. I've installed Vista so no grub any more. If I reinstall grub mbr I can boot to suse, but I cannot boot to any windows system (If I select windows from grub my system restarts.)

So currently If I want to switch between MS / Suse I should boot from CD and change the MBR for the appropriate one.

I thought easyBCD 1.5 solve my problem but.... I installed it, and I added a new entry for suse (grub) and restart. The new menu is right there but if I select it the screen goes black only the cursor is blinkink in the left top corner.

What could be the trouble?
How does easyBCD knows where is my suse? (disk, partition ???)
EasyBCD automatically detects your Linux installs - or it's supposed to. There is a bug we're trying to pin down - give us a couple of days please!

Sorry for the delay, and welcome to NeoSmart Technologies SmallDot! :smile:
Thanks, it would be greet.

Just one think. What if I had multiple distro installed? I think than I need to select one on the easyBCD GUI ...
Nope, you wouldn't :grinning:

EasyBCD makes it work perfectly, if it wasn't for this damn bug.

EasyBCD 1.51 will be released within 36 hours with the fix.