Linux/BSD Section Doesn't Display More than 9 Partitions


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I am having trouble trying to get a linux boot from EasyBCD 1.6 . I have multiple drives and operating systems.
0 - Windows XP
1 - Windows XP 64
4 - Vista
0 - Linux Boot Partition
I have installed Grub to the boot sector of the second HDD partition 1 (hd1,0). When I try to use EasyBCD to add this entry only the first drive shows up as a choices in the Drive combobox, so I am unable to select the boot partition for the linux install. Any suggestions and or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Can you go to "useful utilities" and run "EasyBCD Power Console" then type
at the prompt?
Hi i have the same problem.

I use xp home edition. (easyBCD work properly on this?)
I erased vista, but i kept his boot manager. (i like it)
I installed Ubuntu 7.04 on a Logical partition of my IDE hard drive.(the installation of Ubuntu 7.04 alternate read it as SCSI not IDE, so (sda1 not hda1 ect.)
I installed Grub on the same partition. (sda11)
I have only one IDE hard drive 100 GB.

in detail my partitions configuration:

sda1 c: ntfs Primary OS files 28,6 GB
sda2 Extended
sda3 Extended
sda4 h: fat32 Primary data files 8,6 GB
sda5 d: ntfs Logical data files 18 GB
sda6 v: ntfs Logical data files 20 GB
sda7 j: fat32 Logical data files 2 GB
sda8 raw Logical Truecrypt 2 GB
sda9 n: fat32 Logical data files 8 GB

sda10 swap Logical Swap ubuntu 1 GB
sda11 ext3 Logical / (root files) 5 GB

1 (Primary) 2 (Extended):5,6,7,8 3(Extended):9,10,11 4 (Primary)

The problem is :
EasyBCD ToolBox -> ADD/REMOVE ENTRIES -> Add an Entry-> Linux/BSD-> Drive:

At this point it show me 0 to 9 entry and then stop:

Disk 0
Partition 0 (HPFS/NTFS - 29GB)
Partition 1 (Win95 Xint 13 extended - 56 GB)
Partition 2 (HPFS/NTFS - 18GB)
Partition 3 (Extended - 20 GB)
Partition 4 (HPFS/NTFS - 20GB)
Partition 5 (Extended - 2 GB)
Partition 6 (Win95 Fat32 - 2 GB)
Partition 7 (Extended - 2 GB)
Partition 8 (Win95 Fat32 - 2 GB)
Partition 9 (Extended - 8 GB)
10 ?
11 ?
12 ? and others ? where is the other partitions?

It stop at 9 entry. So i can't add Grub partition.

Is this a bug or i wrong something?


Yep, that'd work too. Our job at NeoSmart Technologies is to make your life easier though, not harder :grinning:

Anyway, the 1.7 release fixes that a billion other things :smile: - and it adds support for booting into Linux without having GRUB installed!!! :smile: