Linux Error: "Dependency is not Satisfiable"


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okay i was zooming around and i went to see if i could one could use "inkscape" out side of linux like GIMP can be. i found the site and it can (yay for my friend lol )

i went to tools, and i clicked on video and i found this program:

LiVES, or LiVES is a Video Editing System. i clicked around it is seemed i could go to a "getdeb" site to download it directly, i checked into synaptic and searched for "lives" it didnt find anythign, so i downloaded this:

Release Information

it downloaded and i made it open in the default porgram, a package installer. and then i got this error:

Error: dependency is not satisfiable: libmjpegtools0c2a
this error was within the package installers window and in red text, it scared me :frowning:

i cant hit install on the package installer and i need a video editor... :frowning:


i totally forgot i had a picture lol:


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^ thank you i got the mjpegtool now, but i dont think i will be using LiVES i downloaded a bunch of other software last night

again thank you dilligaf :smile: