Linux Needs Love TOOO!


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Being a windows person...err EX-Windows person; but being not very computer literate i have found while using SuSE 10.1 that it takes a little more computer know how to get what you want. But I am TOO Lazy. :grinning:

how'bout a program that lets you just download drivers just like Windows, allows the use of alt+tab for desktop switching (i.e. KDE to Gnome) and automaticaly detects missing files when downloading a theme; for instance (like not having Qt for example). that should be easy enough :booyah:
Hell I might even be willing to pay for it.... so long it wasnt more than $4.00 bucks :unamused:
I'm using Gnome, and i like it, but KDE is also not bad, so any of this two are perfect for me, so(#2) i don't need a command to swigh it easy :grinning:
Jane, no it is not possible as far as I've been able to find out. you can open KDE from Gnome by running it; but i dont think it is benificial.

Sarge, you are not helping me here! i NEEEEEEED this. and we need to stand behind each other and push for more useless....err "time saving" software.:smile:!!!!
it is possable to switch from gnome to KDE while in the GUI mode, (as such)

You need to close the X server, then unload Gnome, then load KDE, and then restart X

And in 10.1 there is an alt tab, it just wierd.