Linux Ubuntu 8.04

so can you make a script fro it even from this website like a countdown in this thread? (not requesting it just wondering if its possible)
I read somewhere: Ubuntu is the most popular distribution on the world... Ahhh it was on distowatch. Yeah... :smile:


Good thing is I waited only 5 days, there were times when I waited over 20 :tongueout:
i think it should be released by now right???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


now somebody has to tell me what to do with it really whats it for??
Its an OS (operating system) but its freee!!!!!

I heard somewhere that this version is called Hardy Heron, whats that codename for?


what time does it actually come out??
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It has read Coming Soon since 12:14 AM EST. <.<

Over 8 hours later and they still have not gotten the servers setup. What is up with that?


Its up now go get it quick!!! Got my download started already.
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It is CD sized. You can download it or order a CD but he CD can takeup to 10 weeks to get there. So they even suggest you download it if you have fast net.
I think the maximum delivery time is actually 5 weeks, not 10 at least according to their website.

I ordered 150 CDs for our Open Source Group, they arrived in around that much time which makes sense seeing as we have one of the worst postal services in the world..
Damn. I'm dead again :/ I did hash and my iso is wrong, I just found out, but first, I tried to burn twice and install like 5-10 times. :x

Here we go again...

My hash of 8.04 x68 desktop edition:


And theirs:

8895167a794c5d8dedcc312fc62f1f1f *ubuntu-8.04-desktop-i386.iso

Mine is wrong! :angry:
Torrent and that kind of stuff works but I never got me to use it, I tried a few times but download went sooo slow and I gave up. Its okay, I'll be redownloading it >.<
Blame on me, I won't be using Inter processor, or ATI graphic cards ever in my life, I won't be using Torrent and P2P until I have a good connection for it... downloading 10MB for me would probably be like downloading 300MB at normal speed, so...

Great article, thanks for charing. :smile:
I can't wait!
Dont feel bad. My first ISO that i downloaded was also corrupted. I had to redownload the ISO as well. I got the torrent.

Got it now and installed it. So far so good. Have some issues to work out. Like Emerald and some other htings. But not bad so far.
Thanks Guru!

Yeah.. I'll have it installed soon.

Those 2 burned CD's have well working LiveCD mode, so I might give them to people who could be interested.