Linux variant of EasyBCD?

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Hi all. :smile:
I think I may have just come up with a wonderful idea for a new program.
Why not have an program similar to EasyBCD for Linux? Obviously, it would not be for manipulating the BCD, since that is purely a Vista (and now Win 7) thing, but rather my idea is for it to automatically configure GNU Grub instead. For instance, if you had Grub installed to the MBR, and wanted to use Grub instead of the Vista bootloader to dual or triboot, you could open up this new program, and with a couple of simple clicks add the Vista and/or XP (or other OS of your choice) entries to your GNU Grub menu.lst. Perhaps there would be a way to point at the existing partitions from a drop-down menu like in EasyBCD for the new entries. And it wouldn't hurt to have a way to automatically correct any existing errors in the menu.lst...:smile:

And of course, I'm speaking of using it from the Linux platform in this instance...:wink:

Anyway...just a thought, and I hope Guru takes it under consideration.

Aquafire, a member here at NST and a moderator at a Linux forum, had this idea a long while back: EasyBCD for Linux - The NeoSmart Forums

I'm still undecided on the matter.

HOW did I know you were going to say that?!! :lol: I actually happen to be viewing that thread right now!

But still, it is a good idea, and I hope you decide to do it...:wink: I'm sure there are probably a lot of Linux users (myself included) out there, that would be elated to see a program like that made.

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