Hello, I installled Vista Build 5600 and lost my Grub Loader. I have Windows XP SP2 and Vista 5600 on disk 0 Drives (C:smile: and (D:smile: and both are working fine. Vistas boot loader is letting me choose which one I want. However on disk 1 or as Linux would say /dev/sdb1 and /dev/sdb2 I have my 2 Linux operating systems, which are now not seen. Will Easy BCD 1.2 see the Linus operating systems as well as the 2 Windows OS?
Thanks in advance

I just tried using the BCD1 and all I could find was Disk 0 which has the two windows OS on it. It did not see my other hard drive Disk 1. I tried all the options on the left side that were not way above my experience level to no avail. I guess this was wriitten for windows only. I guess I'll download a grub loader off the net and see what I can do.

Thanks anyway