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toxic chicken

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i posted this at pronet too...whenever i post anything there now it seems to irritate certain staff members, it doesn't matter what it's about. :tongueout:

go to google and search for "2.0.0" (no quotes).

now go to and search for the same thing.

this happens with any search query containing "2.0.*".
Cause it PROnet and they think they are the authority on all things. Web related and not. :laugh:

But this interesting. Google gives results while the Live beta doesnt. Guess that would be why it is still in Beta stages. :glare:
Computer Guru said:

Why would they get mad though?
Grav!ty said:
Your remarks are uncalled for and unwelcome. They add nothing to the topic you posted them in so your post and my quick response have been wasted

toxic chicken said:
Grav!ty said:
Gosh were is the great graphics talent that the PROnet members have hiding out? :openmouth:
over there.

*points somewhere*

Grav!ty said:
Well there is no indication whatsoever that your post is a joke and after your comments last week you can surely understand why I don't see anything humorous about your post.

It seems you have an axe to grind and I suggest you get over it already. Your constant references to what we consider to be history does nothing to normalize your presence here.

'constant references' was actually answering a post and mentioning you in it, because you were part of the answer.

i had an argument with e to the x about that a few days ago, and the post got deleted.

e to the x said:
Hi. I removed your post about Computer Guru and the fall out as a result of his departure. Please refrain from posting further comments about him as we do not want open discussion on him and all further posts will be trashed as well.

Thank you.

e to the x said:
Make sure you have your facts straight. Nothing happened to him. He broke a contract and continually refused to compromise with things. What I say doesn't much matter since its our word against his but make sure you see things from both sides of the fence before accusing us of "doing" something to him.
e to the x said:
toxic chicken said:
look, a lot of the staff here have been assholes to me before the thing with cg started (once for making a simple suggestion), and after just because i said on his site that easybcd and vistabootpro looked similar.

i've 'looked at both sides', and still i believe cg. his story is a lot more convincing, and i like him. however i am not going to go tell anyone about who's fault it is, which one is a better site, etc.

i'm now going to make another suggestion. if you plan on keeping the 'we're known around the net for our friendliness' thing, i suggest you make it true for members that have been here longer than a week. not just to impress and draw in new members.

i understand the thing with computer guru might annoy you and the rest of the pronetworks staff, but stop taking it out on the members you have left. nobody wants to read it, some will just leave.

a lot of people know about whats happening between neosmart and pronetworks, and it's going to spread to other members that don't know. there's really no way to stop it, if it's not on the forums it'll happen over the pm system or im networks. you can't monitor either of those, so really you're just slowing it down.

i have no proof that either pronetworks or neosmart are to blame. so don't tell me that cg's wrong and pronetworks is the best thing that ever happened on the internet.

Please refer to this link:

i know they'll probably ban me if they see this. :tongueout:
I like this bit....

We are continuing to take action against this individual and his website as well as others who are in cahoots with him and ar...........

So then, does this mean that a Co, is going to try and SUE all of NeoSmarts members????

I would like to see them try, for starters they can't sue the members of NeoSmart, only NeoSmart It self and the authors of EasyBCD.

I like all this drival they are comming out with, I myself am unsure asto the truth of the statment in the above link, But i am sure that CG is in the rite, it seems like Pro just want to have someone to pick on.
I agree with XcOM, and, is all that there... you know... um.... TRUE?:angry:

If it is, then it is a mess...

I'm sure, CG know something we and pro don't. :wink:
I intend not to get in the way of this little fude,

But i have known other people that have been picked on by Pro networks, they either always want to have someone to pick on,


They just want to take over the internet, (WHich is imposable becuase at last count about 70% of the net was taken up by either Personal web sites or the most common, Porn.)

Eitherway, Im sure CG will sort it out, or Pro networks will get board. One or the other.
XcOM said:
(WHich is imposable becuase at last count about 70% of the net was taken up by either Personal web sites or the most common, Porn.)
well they do have "pron" in their name, even if they tried to hide it.

Hey guys....

Yeah, I guess its time I addressed this in sorts...

PROnetworks has an illegal and unconstitutional NDA (as reviewed by an indepenedt 3rd party lawyer), and that's the agreement I broke. They contacted their lawyers about suing me, their lawyers told them they're in the wrong and *I* can sue their asses, so they just stopped talking about it. That's why they are now so anxious to have this topic dropped: for them it's just bad history.

PROnetworks had me banned off of a couple of affiliate sites, _all_ of whom (but one) later apologized. Microsoft is aware of their bullshit, and AFAIK don't believe a word of it.

I'm not PROnetworks first victim, they have constantly stolen copyrighted articles and information from other major sites around the web, and have refused to stop. They have a lot of money and a lot of lawyers, which means there is nothing you can do about it.

But for me that doesn't matter any more. Every version of VistaBootPRO just mimics the *previous* EasyBCD Change List, but that's OK, because EasyBCD 1.5 _will_ blow their minds away, and there is no way they can copy it. And we have more than just EasyBCD in stock, NST is working on another program to follow EasyBCD 1.5 that will totally pwn.

PROnetworks are a bunch of sorry-a$$ bastards that have constantly engaged in illegal activity. They made their fame by distributing ILLEGAL LEAKED AND UNAUTHORIZED BUILDS OF VISTA, and continue to leak INFORMATION THAT'S NOT SUPPOSED TO GET OUT, and Microsoft knows about them.

For me, this is what matters:

Ignoring the last month of my absence, the stats speak for themselves. Without a huge dedicated every-day visitor fanbase, without the illegal warez, without the blackmail, without the money, without the lawyers, NeoSmart Technologies totally pwns PROnetworks backdoor. I leave it at that.
This really isn't something that needs to be discussed; it's something evil that happened, there will be permanent disagreement on this topic between the parties, so I'm leaving this thread here as a reference and to set the record straight, but let's keep it at that.

Anyone coming here from either party knows the truth, so it's being locked.... if you have any questions, sending a PM is probably the better way.

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