"load needed DLLs for kernel" WinXP/Win7 64 Bit dual boot


dual boot was working fine until Win 7 updated itself, then got
"load needed DLLs for kernel" black screen when re-booting to XP,
ran Win XP repair couple times , got totally black screen unable to boot at all ! ,
ran Win7 repair and system restore to state before last update;
now Win 7 boots OK; ran EasyBCD 'add new entry' auto configure for XP;
boot menu shows new entry but still get "load needed DLLs for kernel"
when trying to boot XP !!! ???

any help would be most appreciated ... I've run dual boots for years and never have seen these type of errors
went black after XP repair

I also notice that even though Win 7 is installed on the D: drive(partition) Win 7 lists the the D: drive(partition) as the C::drive(partition)
do the drives need to be renamed ?
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well waited a week for a answer that never came ..
so I installed Win7_32 BIT overtop old XP partition
now everything is hunky-dory for the time being