Looking for a solution to disk failure!

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Hi people, I have been using my disk for quite a long time but the other day I heard the drive making some noise and had to restart the system again. But when I did that the disk would not boot and I fear that the data might be deleted or lost. So, if you people have any know about the ways to get this done right or if you can at least suggest me the ways to handle this …it will be a great help.
Well first turn off the PC and remove the drive. From there get a new one and put it in and reinstall your Operating System.

Then put the drive back in as a slave drive. See if you can get any data off it that way. If not it could be that the read/write head is gone and you would have to take it to professional services to get the data recovered.
Just to further clarify:
If, when you attach the disk to another PC as a slave, you can see the drive (in a partition manager, My Computer, or disk management) you should be able to recover the data by either opening the drive and copying your files or using a file recovery program like Recuva, PhotoRec, or EasyRecovery Professional.

If you can't see the drive (or partitions) after putting it in the second PC, it's a hardware failure and you'll need to take it to a recovery company.
Yes Mahmoud thank you for explaining that further. After reviewing it now i see that I was to vague on my description.
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