Loss of the animation of starting Windows 7


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I installed Easy BCD 1.7.2 in partition C for a dual boot between two systems Windows 7 in partition C and Windows 7 in partition D.
The system C automatically detected : it was thus not modified.
The system in partition D has being configured by using the order “Add/Remove Entries” with the type “Vista /Longhorn” because standard Windows 7 does not exist.
Result when I boot on System D, the animation of Windows7 starting is replaced by Vista animation.
Does the version 2 beta correct this problem?
Thank you in advance for your answer :happy:
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Thank but the version Easy bcd 2.0 does not change anything.
This instruction corrects the problem :
C:\Windows\system32> bcdedit /set {current} local en-US
C:\Windows\system32> bcdedit /set {current} local fr-FR ( with french version)


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W7 / EasyBCD2 / diagnostics / recreate boot files


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The thing is EasyBCD isn't the bootloader, simply an editor. Re-adding the entry would/should have fixed it.


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Thank you for these answers
But I found the solution.
It is enough to carry out the order “ bcdedit /set {current} local in-US” and all returns in the order