Lost a bootmanager partition


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I have Windows 7 32 and 64 installed, both did show up in the boot, but 64 was the default. I wanted 32 as the defaults, couldot change it with the W7 tool, so I turned to BCD.
Same result, 64 still the default and could not get BCD to change the order.
Thought, OK, I will take 64 out of bcd leaving 32 and then put 64 back again hoping this would change the order.
Yikes 64 no long shows as a partition to BCD and looking at it it is not even bootable.
I cannot see anything in help or FAQ of how I can dig myself out, please assist.

Use EasyBCD 2.0 latest build for full W7 support (1.7 pre-dates W7)
The order that you see the systems in on your boot menu doesn't determine the default.
In EasyBCD "add/remove entries" | "manage existing entries", you can alter the position of the entries in the menu.
In "change settings" "global settings" you can choose which entry is the default
Use add/remove entries / windows tab / vista-W7 dropdown / change the name field to W7 x64 or whatever, set the drive to whatever letter the running system sees X64 as. click the add-entry button.

If you've completely knackered your BCD and you cant boot to get to EasyBCD, boot the W7 DVD "repair your computer" "startup repair", then use Easy to make any changes to your menu.
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