Lost CD-ROM And DVD-RW Drivers


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hello again Mr. Guru and Ms. Jane,

well i just started my computer to install a program on my external HDD, nothing happened. i investigated and in device manager it shows no driver for both the CD-ROM and DVD RW players. went to HP site to download drivers and i get error: "cannot install...device not installed on computer" even running in XP SP2 compatability no go.
no issues yesturday - last time i used them (actually just CD-ROM havent used my DVD-CD RW drive)
Hello Alejo.

Turn on your PC and enter the BIOS.
Does it list your CD/DVD drives in there somewhere?
OK sorry had to do some work (rediculous) now back to buisness, ok yes they are there and they are still asking for a driver, they have the yellow caution symbol.
ok lost my mouse... unplugged and re plugged worked(USB), lost my keyboard tried the same trick; did not work. re-started and just to double check i entered BIOS snd both of my drives are listed as 0 and not supported. so here i am now my mouse and keyboard work but still no drives.
if it matters today has been the best vista has started since install. very quick and very clean.
OK, just uninstall both drives.
In the Device Manager, right-click | uninstall.
Action | Scan for hardware changes

see if that fixes it :grinning:
ok no go. same error. windows encountered a problem installing the softeware.
BTW... i checked the BIOS again and (SMART detection) shows no drive for both. this is different from the first time you asked me to do this.
thank you so much for all your help. unfortunately for me i am my worst enemy. i decided to update my bios and w/o unplugging all of my peripherals and graphics card... i recieved a "BIOS check sum error" apparently that is a very bad thing.
but the good news is that i no longer have problems with vista, and gives me the opportunity to start anew and this time with a way back to XP. with all the amounts of info on your site this time it will work perfectly. :smile:

any links for Linux (on your site), and what do you tink about it?