Lost Dual Boot when reloading Vista


I had a smooth working dual boot: Vista and XP. Due to a malfunction I had to use the Recovery in Vista. After reloading Vista and Service Packs 1 and 2. I lost the ability to boot into XP. I tried to configure it with Easy BCD but when I select XP it simply goes back to the Dual Operating Menu. Is there a fix?
Download EasyBCD 2.0 latest build.
Delete the XP entry
Add it again
Let it auto-configure.

I did this with no result. However after the auto-configure the path was given as |NTLDR.
Do I need to load the boot files on this new Vista? If so is it just in C: with no directory or does it go in the system folder of Vista? Please excuse my lack of knowledge. I set this up some years ago and have forgotten the details.
That's part of what the auto-configure does for you.
You shouldn't need to do anything yourself.
Please copy/paste the output from EasyBCD display settings in detailed (debug) mode, and post a screenshot of your Vista Disk Management, so that all of the partition attributes are visible.