Lost multi-boot function


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I USED to have, on boot-up, the option of selecting either Windows 7 or one of 2 older systems.
Windows 7 was the Primary system, but I had XP French on a second drive, and XP English on a third.
The C Drive with 7 on it suffered a sudden catastrophic failure, and I had to replace it with a new drive (Samsung SSD 850 PRO 512GB), but I obviously had to do a new install of 7, which lost me the multi-boot info stored on the old C drive.
I purchased EasyBCD, and went through the procedure for adding drives.
On startup I now get the option to choose which system I want to boot, BUT:
When I choose either of the XP systems, I get this message:
"Windows failed to start.
To fix the problem:
1) Insert the Windows installation disc and restart
2) Choose Language settings, then next
3) Click repair your computer

When I try to do this, the XP disc can't find the drive.
What do I do now?


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Can you cut/paste the information from your EasyBCD "view settings" (detailed mode).
Incidentally, EasyBCD is free for home use. It only requires payment for a commercial-use licence.