Lost my xp boot, need help


I had VIsta on C: and Xp on d:, Used easyBCD and everything was great. I formated drive C: and reinstalled Vista on C: and now (obviously) i can boot only into Vista. I've tried to add the xp Installation with EBCD but i was told that im missing the NTDETECT.com and ntldr so i've downloaded them but i still got an error while trying to boot into xp.
I've deleted those files and I'm looking for a way be able to boot into xp and vista without reinstalling xp.
how can i do that?
When you reinstalled Vista, it's bootloader should have seen XP and automatically dual booted.
It sounds as if the reinstall has changed which partition is now the system active boot.
You need to identify which partition is now being booted from (admin tools/comp mgmt/disk mgmt)
and make sure all the necessary boot files are on that drive.
Read the Wiki troubleshooter, and it'll tell you everything you need to copy.
actually i didn't "reinstalled" vista, sorry for misleading you. I've used a ghost image i made before i dual booted. Any way, I've copied my old boot.ini and its fine now.