Lost video


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Hi All, Can anyone help me ?

I have a computer with 2 hard drives installed, on one I have Windows XP which is running ok and on the other I have Vista ! All was going ok with Vista until one day I booted into Vista and had no picture on my monitor. The green light on the monitor shows that there is a signal and the computer and sounds coming from speakers indicate that Vista has booted !

Can anyone help with this problem and get me out of this crazy situation please ?:|
It's definetly a corrupted driver if you hear the Vista startup sound from your speakers and do not see anything. If you can get into Safe Mode, use system restore to revert back to an eariler state and see if that helps. If you had just finished installing a new driver, use device manager to roll back to the previous driver.

Note: The screen when starting Vista can go blank for a few seconds during startup. This is perfectly normal except in situations like yours when the computer appears to have started, but you do not get any video. It might have been a one time instance as well (files didnt load in the correct sequence, etc.) Try restarting the computer to see if you get a different result.