Lost Vista trying to dual boot Unbuntu


I am new to the forum and my issue is:

Vista primary operating system.
Thried to shrink volume within Vista, hard drive would not shrink.
Loaded Ubuntu 9.1 live cd, created new volume on C:
installed Ubuntu 9.1 and Grub 2,
Ubuntu worked
Vista worked
Grub 2 worked
updated graphics driver
Ubuntu worked
Vista did not work,
boot loader starts Vista but hten ends with an error nessage that appears on the screen for a fraction of a second and then reboots.
How do I pause to see error message?
How do I save Vista?
I did try the original Vista program disk Repair option but it is not seeing Vista installation.
The drive is a seagate 1.5 T

Thanks in advance;

Hi Bob, welcome to NST.
Use F8 after the BIOS splash screen to enter the extended boot menu.
Choose the "no automatic restart" option if you want the system to halt on the error message, or better still "last known good" or failing that "safe" mode, and roll back the graphics driver.