lost Win/7 password now I'm really confused

Hi to all and thanks for reading.

Ok..I am a novice user so please excuse my terminology. I bought a Dell Inspirion laptop used and with Win/7 already installed. I was given a temp. password to use and then created my own but did not create a password disk. Everything was fine until my computer rebooted after several windows updates and then I was taken back to my win/ login page with a forgotten PW.

I've been attempting to recover it for a month and all I would get is the same "username or PW is incorrect". But today I got the "Password Reset Wizard". It tells me the disk is in drive USB20FD (E). I'm confused as to what it is referring to since I have no disk. I did, however, transfer some files from my desktop before first using.

Do you think I need to purchase "Easy Recovery Essentials" to obtain a Dell recovery disk or am I missing the big picture and a simple solution is lurking. I really need to get this laptop back up especially after my shoulder surgery.

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If you've genuinely just forgotten your own password, the discussion in the middle of this thread might help
Windows XP cannot be added in EasyBCD
but there is a possibility that this is a malware generated message, i.e. you have a virus infection which has taken control of your logon.
If you blindly follow some proffered "wizard", there's a chance that you will be handing the keys to the kingdom to the virus.
Search the internet for "user or password is incorrect virus" for advice.