Lost win7 boot screen


Hey all, here's my story:
I had 2 partitions, one with vista and the other with Win 7, (on one physical drive)
I got a new drive and wanted to move my Win7 there, so, i imaged the partition using acronis, extended my old drive and restored the partition to the new drive.
Win7 wouldn't boot so i used the win7 DVD & EBCD to recover the MBR etc'. now win7 boots fine but with Vista boot screen. Any one have any idea how can i restore win7 boot screen?

Thanks Terry60 .
In xp and Vista Boot screens are something you can change somewhere in the file system. I guess its not like that with 7 ha?
I expect it is similar, but what the system does for 2 seconds at boot has never bothered me enough to change anything.
Since both Vista and W7 call winload.exe from their respective system32 sub-folders, I assume that the screen you're referring to must be generated by the PBR. (this is all idle speculation - I have no real idea for the reason outlined in my 1st sentence).
Strictly speaking of course, this isn't a bug in Easy because it makes no claims to supporting as yet unreleased OSs, but W7 being so similar to Vista means it can be used anyway.