Lost Windows Boot Address


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i just installed SUSE Enterprise 10 onto its own partition with seemmingly no issues, grub found all OS's and made entries including windows, however, when i try to boot windows i get the boot mngr with an error of no system found with error # of oooo3r..? (-somethinglike that) anyway i thought i might have installed into the windows partition; but i checked and all the files are there and that parttion is alive and well. so even after correcting the grub entry i still get the same error how in the world do i fix that. i thought i read a similar thread here a while ago but could not find it.
BTW using system recovery with the vista cd i find that there is no boot entry, i guess that is what i have to fix but dont know how!

any help or guidance, as you know would be most appriciated. Thanks again Neosmart Technologies! :grinning: