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I have tried twice and locked up my computer both times. I have decided to start over. I totally cleaned off my hard drive. Installed Windows 7 64 bit. I have partitioned the hard drive so I will have a place to put Windows xp 32 bit. Now all I need to know is what to do so I do not lock up the computer. I am using a Sata drive under AHCI. I have read so many posts and web pages that I am now lost. I thought I did it right but obviously I did not. Please help.

What has happened both times in the past is that upon restart, I get a screen that states there is a boot error and I cannot boot either partition.

Thanks for any and all help.

You'll need to use SATA/IDE mode to install XP. XP well boot immediately after install. Heres how you can setup XP to work in AHCI mode. Make sure thats working and than install EasyBCD and go to Bootloader Setup > Install Vista/7 Bootloader to MBR > Write MBR. Add a new entry for XP, than reboot to test the dual boot.