Lots of trouble with XP & 7 Dual Boot


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I have followed countless threads, tutorials, done several different methods... every one of them gives me the same error.

The primary guide that I have followed is:
Dual Boot Installation with Windows 7 and XP - Windows 7 Forums

I installed Windows 7, left some unallocated space to install Windows XP later. I just installed XP this morning, and followed the steps for EasyBCD to create Dual Boot.

C: is my Windows 7 drive
D: is my Windows XP drive

Every thing that I try gives me the error NTLDR is missing when I try to boot to XP. I was told if I get this error after I've followed the steps to go back to win 7 and on the easyBCD click "BCD backup/repair" and click "re-create/repair boot file" and after that it would be able to load into XP but i still get the