MAC Dual boot Problem on PC ( seperate HDD )


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Hi there ,
i wanted to use EasyBCD to dual Boot an OSX and Win7 ,
but so far with no luck
first i had Win7 installed , unplugged all my other HDDs , isntalled OSX on a blank one successfully .
reconnected all the hdds , restored the normal boot sequence and i can successfully boot into win 7 ,
but when i try to add an entry for the OSX one , ( the HDD in partitioned as GUID as the installlation tutorial suggested ) , EFI mode , it doesnt boot into the OSX
it gets me a screen with a chameleon @ the top ( used to be a red apple ... ) and instead of pointing me to the MACpartition , it selects one of my WinNTFS partitions ....

when choosing my MAC hdd as Primaty , i get the red apple with the APPLE Logo , and the MAC parition Name under it , but when using EasyBCD to boot , i get the GreenChameleion and WinLogo , and one of my Windows Parition ,

i want EasyBCD to point the boot sequence to my mac HDD
any help would be aprreciatied
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