Mac OS-X and Vista coexisting on PC hardware


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I've got a tired Mac G4 running OS-X and a DELL 2350, which is not VISTA capable, running XP Pro. I want to move to Vista from XP and would like to get the G4 off my desk but keep the OS-X funcionality available. A dual boot system Vista/OSX would be attractive. I could buy Apple hardware and run Vista on it, but it is cheaper to buy PC hardware. My question is, will your tool really allow me to boot a legal copy (new from the box) of Mac OS-X on a new PC? Will it work on any Vista capable PCs or do I need to find one with certain specs? If this is the case, what are they?
Hi MacUser, welcome to NeoSmart Technologies.

Unfortunately, toxic is right. It is illegal to install OS X on non-Apple hardware, though guides do exist all over the internet about how do so, it's not supported.

However, should you already have OS X installed and working on your PC (legally or otherwise), you can then use EasyBCD to get OS X dual-booting with Windows Vista. We can't help you get OS X running on your non-Apple PC because we don't condone illegal practices, but once you have OS X on your computer one way or another, feel free to drop by again and you'll find people more than willing on giving you the guidance and advice you need to get OS X and Vista to play nicely together via EasyBCD.

Take Care, and good luck!!