Mac OS X FAILS to boot


Hi all i am fairly new to this dual boot stuff, but i like the idea of having mac as well as vista on my computer. i went through all of the instructions and installed mac 10.4.9 on my pc, i used uhuck. and followed the instructions on wiki. everything seems to be fine when i restart but when i select to boot from mac os x, i wait for the 5 seconds and then it just goes back to the boot selection. i even tryed booting mac in save mode with the -x command, but it doesnt work. i am only able to boot windows vista. PLEASE HELP :|:|:|
Hi gauss, welcome to NST.

Try this: Press the F8 key after selecting OS X from the Vista boot menu.
nope this didnt work, it then just asked me to choose which partition i wanted to boot off of, then i picked the partition that i have mac installed on and it went back to the os selection page
OK, that means the installation media you used did not correctly install the OS X/Darwin bootloader.